A house spider was found inside a house

An arachnid has been found inside the house of a woman who died in her sleep last month.

An autopsy has been ordered to determine the nature of the illness and whether it could be linked to the house spider, the Delhi High Court said on Wednesday.

The case of the case was registered on October 3 after a postmortem examination showed the spider had died inside the woman’s house.

Her husband, a police constable, went to her home on October 17 to conduct a post-mortem examination.

The post-mortem report found that the woman had died of sepsis.

An investigation was launched after the police officer visited the house.

He found the spider in a room, which he was unable to identify.

The police officer then lodged a case under the Delhi Animal Husbandry Act and the case of animal husbandry was registered.

A few days later, the woman died of the disease, the court said.

The case is being probed under sections of the Animal Husb.


The city police are investigating the case and are trying to determine whether the spider is an imported or imported-from India-type species, the police said.