A look back at the year in sports, from the NFL to the NBA, from The College Football Playoff to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

By Chris Wright | ESPN Staff WriterThe college basketball playoffs have taken a turn for the bizarre this year, as some teams have been left to fend for themselves in the first round.

Here are five weird twists and turns that happened in the past week.1.

The Wildcats were one of the most entertaining teams to watch in 20172.

The NCAA men’s basketball tournament was a total mess for the first time in years, with all the tournament’s four teams tied at the end of the bracket and the winner likely going home to host a second-round game against the next-best team.3.

A few people were surprised by the NCAA’s move to make it mandatory for all of its teams to play in the postseason.

But in a move that seemed to be designed to make everyone play more closely, the NCAA announced on Monday that all of the four teams who had already been seeded into the NCAA tournament — the winner of the conference tournament, the winner-take-all national champions, the top four seeds in each conference and the top two seeds in the Big East and ACC — would play in a second round.4.

After a disastrous season in which the Kansas Jayhawks lost in the Elite Eight and the No. 7 Kansas Jayhawk lost to the No: 1 Kansas Jay-Z in the national semifinals, the Kansas State Wildcats came into the tournament as one of college basketball’s hottest teams.

And while they struggled in the early going, they got their shot in the tournament.5.

The ACC’s ACC Basketball Championship was a bit of a disappointment, but it was a pretty fun event with a lot of great matchups and a fun mix of the top teams.