How to spot a house cleaning in Mumbai

The Indian capital’s most famous house cleaning will take place on April 14 as the country celebrates the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Bombay Stock Exchange.A total of 27,000 people are expected to attend the event to mark the milestone in India’s economic history.The opening of Bombay Stock Exchanges, also known as theRead More

How to find a beautiful terrace in Melbourne’s CBD

Terrace houses are becoming more popular across the city.They’re often seen as a way to escape the crowds of people and to escape a city that’s become very crowded.The city’s got some amazing terraces but they can be expensive.Some terrace houses have been built in the past that are not yet ready for the massesRead More

The dutch House

Cat house article The danish house is now a thing.Cat house is one of those house designs that can only be made with one of a number of basic components: wood, stone, and plaster.Cat houses are made of wood or stone, which are often shaped in some fashion to resemble animals.There are two types ofRead More

How to prepare for a beach house earthquake

If you’re looking for a nice beach house, look no further than the Williamsburg house on the North Shore.Located just two miles from the beach, it’s easy to imagine that the Williamsboro house is one of the few beach houses in town.Located at the end of a cul-de-sac and just over a half mile fromRead More

What to know about the new luxury apartment building planned for the Westfield Shopping Center site

The Westfield shopping center is set to get a new luxury rental apartment building on the site of a former drugstore.The developer of the project, developer Chris Schindler, said Wednesday the apartment building is about 40 percent complete.“The project is about half complete,” Schindlers wife, Susan, told The Associated Press.The building is designed by KPMGRead More