Big momma gets new home after three decades of neglect

Big Momma is back in the house.

The former resident of the farmhouse where she lived with her parents for almost a century has found a new home and is happy to be back in her old stomping grounds, according to the Associated Press.

Big Mommies mother, Rosemary Bowers, who died in March at age 101, was buried in her home on the hillside outside St. Mary’s parish in north-central Louisiana, where her family lived for years.

The family was a well-respected part of the parish’s agricultural community, which also included the farm, and they left behind a legacy of agriculture that included her son and namesake, Big Mom.

“It is a bittersweet time for us because Rosemary’s legacy has not been diminished in any way,” St. Paul Mayor Chuck Reed said.

“She will be missed by many, but especially by those who have been so instrumental in her life.

She was a tremendous leader who loved all her children, and she will be deeply missed.”

Big Mommie’s parents died in a plane crash in 1947.

Her father died while trying to fly home to the U.S. from a military mission in France, while her mother died in an automobile accident when she was 13 years old.

The house is named after Big Mom, who became a farmer in the 1940s and who spent her summers at Big Mom’s farm.

The first family had moved to the small community of St. Johnville in the southwest part of Louisiana when Rosemary was just 13 years of age, according the Associated News.

She lived in her father’s old farmhouse with her mother and other relatives, and Rosemary married John Big Mom on the spot in 1949.

John Big Mum had previously been a small-town farmer in northern Missouri, but he and Rose Mary had moved up the Mississippi River to the rural area of St, Marys.

Big Mum was a staunch Catholic, but she later became a follower of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., and she became active in the civil rights movement.

Her mother and younger sister also became civil rights activists, and Big Mom left her father and brother to live at the farm.

Her new home was in a community near her old home, but Big Mom moved back to her family’s farmhouse after her parents died.

She has kept the old farm house in her own living room, which is now the Big Mom House.

In the fall, the home became a home to Big Mom herself.

She began renovating the old house with help from the local community, including restoring the front porch and painting the front walls.

The new Big Mom house has a porch with a raised porch, a porch garden and a new fireplace.

She also added a new bathroom and new flooring.

“This is just so nice to be able to enjoy the space,” Big Mom said.

The home is filled with books, photos, furniture, a video room, a walk-in closet, a pantry and kitchenette.

Rosemary is also renovating an old stove and refrigerator, as well as remodeling the kitchenette, which had been an old-fashioned stove.

Big Mama said her new home is just as comfortable as her old farm, where she had been in the basement.

Big mommy says her new place is just like her old one.

She says her old house is a place to call home.

She will keep it here, just like I did, she said.

Big Mother says the new Big Mum house is just the same as her home.

“Everything is just same as it was before, the same kitchen, same living room,” Big Mama told ABC News.

“Just everything is the same.

I feel safe here, everything is all the same, I can just call my home here, ” she said, adding that she is looking forward to seeing the house again when it is finished.

“I love this place, I love this community.

It’s a beautiful place to live.

I love my neighbors, I want to get to know them, and I just want to be a part of this.”