Country house, Victorian home, house found in Melbourne’s north

The owners of a country house discovered by police are being quizzed over whether it could be a modern-day version of the famous Victorian Victorian house found with the remains of a man, authorities said.

Key points:The owner of the property said he was “very happy” with the discoveryThe owners said they are still awaiting confirmation of the identity of the remainsThe property was discovered on a property in a rural area of northern Victoria on Wednesday.

Police found the property, which was in an area of farmland, in an undeveloped area of the Murray-Darling Basin.

It is believed the remains were the remains found at the site of a house which was destroyed in a fire in the 1870s.

The property is owned by a company in the Murray Vale area.

“We are happy with the find, the owner is very happy with it,” Detective Senior Sergeant Scott Woll said.

“He said it’s the only house he’s ever had a look at, and he said he has always had a good look at it.”

Mr Woll described the discovery as “very exciting” and said police would be looking into the identity and history of the owners of the house.

“It’s the owner’s house,” he said.

Police are still in the early stages of the investigation and have yet to receive confirmation of who the owner of that property is.

“I’d like to find out if there’s any family, or anyone else, that might have been involved with it or it’s been a neighbour or somebody else that had an interest in it,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“There may be a link with another house that’s been found in the same area, but that hasn’t been ruled out.”

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