GOP senator, ‘no way’ to allow Dakota Access pipeline to cross Missouri border

The Missouri state Senate is considering a bill that would allow pipeline developer Energy Transfer Partners to cross state lines to bring a controversial oil pipeline through Missouri.

Sen. Mark Madsen, R-Bryan, is sponsoring the measure, which would prohibit the construction of pipelines across state lines, and prohibit companies from bidding for federal projects.

Madsen said the measure is necessary to protect Missouri’s environment and preserve Missouri’s economy.

“It’s a tough day for the American taxpayer,” Madsen told The Hill in a statement.

“If we are not prepared to do our jobs, we’re not going to be able to meet our obligations as a state and as a nation.”

Madsen is the latest Senate Republican to oppose the Dakota Access project.

The House passed the bill on Wednesday.

Madsen and Senate President Joe Shumlin are expected to sign the measure into law.

The Senate passed the measure last month after receiving a $1.1 billion grant from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The Dakota Access Pipeline was approved last fall by a state Senate panel.

The pipeline will cross under Lake Oahe, where the Standing Rock Sioux tribe has camps and are protesting the construction.

The Army Corps has said the pipeline will not threaten water supplies in the Missouri River, and the Obama administration has ordered the Army Corps to stop any work in the region.