House cleaning in a big house

A house in the small town of West Jordan, Utah, is being cleaned up by a group of volunteers.

The house was burglarized in August and was the site of a bizarre discovery.

It’s been cleaned up, but the homeowner and the homeowner’s dog still have to be on the property.

In addition to cleaning up the house, the volunteers will be removing the dog.

The volunteers will also be helping the homeowner put the dog in a crate and will also help with any paperwork related to the dog’s placement in the home.

The owners of the home are asking that anyone who sees a strange activity in the neighborhood contact the police.

They also want anyone who has information to come forward.

The story started on Aug. 12, when the homeowner found his neighbor’s home burglarously entered.

He contacted the police and the resident’s dog was taken into protective custody, but they said they wouldn’t be able to keep the dog for a week.

That is when the neighbors, who are mostly renters, started talking about the house.

The neighbors then started asking around about the other properties where burglars had been caught, so they got in touch with the volunteer group.

The volunteer group decided to get a housecleaning crew together and began cleaning the house on Sept. 7.

They were able to do a few things on the house and were able get it cleaned up.

The homeowners said the volunteers did a great job cleaning up their home, but not the dog, who was still in the house that day.

They had a couple of minor issues with the dog that needed to be fixed.

On Sept. 16, the volunteer crew went to the homeowner to get the dog back.

The homeowner said he was surprised to see the dog and the volunteers were able do a good job, but he wasn’t too happy about what he found.

He said he doesn’t like to see his dog there, and that he is worried about the dog moving out and possibly hurting him.

He also said the volunteer helped get his door shut, but it didn’t go as planned.

The dog was still there and the door was still locked.

The homeowner said the dog is still in his home, and he said he’s not worried about it.

He’s also not worried if the dog will get hurt, but said it’s important to have a dog that’s always on the lookout for things to make them uncomfortable.

He is asking that the volunteers keep the animal in their home and get rid of the dog if they need to.

The volunteers have posted an online petition asking the community to help them with their cleaning up.

If you have any information about the incident or have any concerns about the volunteers cleaning up, you can contact the volunteer groups Facebook page.