How did the Chicago house become one of the UK’s most expensive houses

The house is one of seven properties owned by London housebuilder and property mogul John Graham, which have sold for nearly £100 million.

Graham’s first home, which he bought for £5.8 million in 2005, was designed by British architect Daniel Libeskind and built in a former textile mill.

He later turned to private equity and has since bought more than 500 properties in the UK and abroad.

Graham said the decision to buy the house was “unsurprising” but not surprising to his team, adding that he was “not really surprised” by the price tag.

“This is an iconic house in London, so it is no surprise to me that it is a £100m-plus property,” he told the BBC.

Graham, whose companies include the Graham Group, the Graham & Baker and John Graham Group Ltd, owns a string of properties across the UK, including five in London alone.

He owns four luxury flats in central London and one in central Manchester, while he also owns two other London homes.

The house was designed and built by Daniel Libeksse, the same architect responsible for the original home.

Graham has also built the house himself in recent years, using his own techniques, including using recycled materials, and he has built two of his own homes in the past, one in north London and another in north Wales.

The mansion is the latest addition to a collection of properties owned, or in the process of being sold, by Graham.

Graham’s London-based company has acquired the rights to the London house, and plans to use the money to buy another property, possibly in the south of England, which is currently owned by his brother, Tony.

A spokesperson for Graham said that the firm had not been contacted by the buyer and that “there is no immediate intention to sell” the house.

“The property will be used to further the Graham family’s private investment agenda,” the spokesperson added.

The Graham family also owns the iconic St James’s Palace in central Buckinghamshire, which became one of Britain’s most photographed royal residences, after being purchased by Sir Winston Churchill for £6 million in 1965.

Graham sold the house to Libesks family in 2008 for £11 million, but he subsequently sold the property to a group of British businessmen, including property mogul and property developer John Pritchard, and his wife, Sarah Pritcher, for £32 million in 2009.

Graham has also owned property in London and Scotland.