How to pay for affordable housing in New Zealand

Auckland has become the latest city to launch a pilot project aimed at providing affordable housing for low-income families in its suburbs.

Key points: The Auckland Housing Authority (AHA) is aiming to supply up to 40,000 units in five yearsUnder the scheme, people who qualify for a lower-cost home-ownership scheme will be able to get a home in the city to help them afford rentThe aim is to provide low-cost housing to low- and moderate-income AucklandersThe scheme is aimed at low- to moderate- to low income Aucklanders and will provide some housing to those on the low end of the income scaleThe scheme aims to provide some affordable housing to Aucklanders by the middle of next yearAHA chief executive Michael Woodhouse said the plan was a key step towards building the country’s largest affordable housing network.

“We need to find a way of getting more affordable housing into the hands of Aucklanders who can afford to live there,” he said.

“So we’re doing a pilot to help with that.”

The aim for Auckland is to supply 40,00 units in the next five years, and to do that we need to provide affordable housing and we need people to be able pay the rent.

“Mr Woodhouse told RTE the scheme would provide affordable homes to low and moderate income Auckland families, who he said were increasingly reliant on government assistance.

The Auckland Housing Association’s president, Richard Johnson, said the scheme was a “key step towards affordable housing”.”

The scheme will provide affordable rental accommodation for Aucklanders in need,” he told Radio New Zealand.”

They’re often struggling to make ends meet, and this is going to provide a safe, secure, secure place for them to live.

“Mr Johnson said the AHA was committed to working with councils to support the development of affordable housing.”

Our aim is that we can provide a good quality of life for all Aucklanders, particularly for Auckland’s most vulnerable residents,” he added.

The scheme has been designed to provide 40,0000 units in Auckland by the end of next summer.AHA is aiming for the scheme to be completed in the first half of next decade.