Why the Jets will be better without Ryan Fitzpatrick

The Jets are in the market for a quarterback, but there’s a chance they’ll be better with Ryan Fitzpatrick gone.The Jets traded for quarterback Geno Smith and have given up some draft picks in return, but that doesn’t mean Fitzpatrick is the answer.There’s a case to be made that Fitzpatrick would be a better fitRead More

A rundown of the housing market’s most interesting stories

Home prices have been surging in recent months as investors seek a safe haven amid a tightening housing market.And while some of those investments are fueling the surging prices, others are creating long-term pain for many Americans.The housing market is in the midst of one of its worst stretches of consolidation since the Great Depression.TheRead More

How to avoid getting caught in a barrel house

The word “barrel house” is a word you don’t want to see used on a website, but here we go.If you’ve ever watched a movie or watched TV show, you’ve probably seen a barrel.But what exactly is a barrel?In the movie “The Cabin in the Woods,” the character Todd, played by Tom Hanks, is trappedRead More