What’s in the Barrel House?

Danuel House has been a big part of my life since I was a kid.In the past, I have always been obsessed with the brand and their amazing collection of home furnishings.Now I am just getting into the process of purchasing them again.I love how the barreling style of furniture feels and how they haveRead More

How to dress up for a house hunt

The ultimate house hunt.We’re talking about the kind of thing you can’t do at home.Here’s how to make sure you’re wearing the right shoes, how to do a perfect dress, and how to get the best bang for your buck at a home hunt.The first step in the hunt is finding your perfect house.The idealRead More

How to get BCD tofu in your home

BCD stands for “Bacon-Dried Dark Brown Vegetable.”The term BCD refers to the fact that it is made from the dried dark brown parts of the cauliflower, and the word is actually from the same word as “barbecue.”BCD is a very versatile product, with a variety of uses including sautéing, deep frying, and as a seasoning.ThisRead More

How to find your own garden

You might think that if you want to find a garden in the backyard of your own house, you’d have to dig through a bunch of junk.But that’s not the case.With the right garden, you can build your own cozy backyard that will be right at home with the family.And it’s so easy that youRead More

Why you should care about Colonial House

This is a bit more complex.Colonial House is the latest to launch a crowdfunding campaign, raising nearly $10 million to help it produce its first set of prints, and this is no fluke.There are hundreds of such successful projects out there, but they tend to focus on smaller, more niche markets, and they’re often runRead More

How to fix your house spider?

Houses for sale in Sydney are selling out every day, with buyers looking for the perfect Victorian house to convert into a new home.With prices hitting $3 million, there’s a demand for quality Victorian houses in Sydney’s outer suburbs.But how to fix a house spider that’s a little more difficult to deal with?Read more.The houseRead More

How do we know when to go to the haunted house?

In an attempt to better understand the phenomenon, I recently sat down with Mike McDonough, the head of operations at The House of Pizza in Lake Charles, Louisiana.I was hoping to get some answers on what drives the phenomenon.So, in the spirit of transparency, I’ve written a few questions below.McDonough told me the House ofRead More

Why are we still not using Waffle House?

In 2015, the WaffleHouse chain went bankrupt after a string of lawsuits over alleged health hazards.The chain has since faced an array of lawsuits and investigations over its food, its employees, and its practices, including its use of a slave labor operation.As part of its settlement with the federal government, Wafflehouse agreed to pay $4.5Read More