Meet the guys who are taking over the huddle House

The Huddle, the podcast that takes fans on a journey through the home of an NFL team, has become the unofficial unofficial NFL podcast.

Hosts Dave Wannstedt, Aaron Rodgers, John Clayton and Kevin Clark have spent years on the podcast.

But it all began with the Huddle.

In 2012, a bunch of them decided to put together a podcast called the Huddles and had to share their stories and their journey with the world.

It was a great time for the Huddled to share, and it has continued to grow into something much bigger.

Now, the Hudengers are taking their podcast to the NFL, and they have partnered with ESPN to put their voices to the podcast for the first time.

So, where are the Huckeders now?

They’re back in Los Angeles, where the Huckerers have relocated.

They are still going strong.

It’s a really cool time to be a fan of the NFL in Los Angles, and I am so excited to see where this podcast takes us.

I am also so excited about the new team that will be joining us.

The Rams are coming to LA next year, and you can watch the team’s debut on ESPN this Sunday.

You can also catch the Rams in their preseason game against the Steelers on Sunday.

What do you think of the new Hudders?

Let us know in the comments below. 

The Huddlers are joined by Aaron Rodgers (Rams), John Clayton (Chargers), Kevin Clark (Raiders), Dave Wainstedt (Bengals), and John McClain (Seahawks). 

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