New Delhi’s Hyderabad House Spiders Return to the City

NEW DELHI — A group of six hedgehogs were caught on camera in India on Friday night as they wandered around a central Indian city in search of food, with the insects appearing to have returned to the city after spending weeks in hibernation.

A video posted on the popular social media platform Twitter showed the hedgehog, which had been living in a cage on the roof of a home in Kolkata, in India’s southernmost state of Uttar Pradesh, getting tangled up in a tree and eventually being caught.

The hedgehog then managed to get free and crawled to a nearby nearby house, where it lay down on a couch.

In the video, the hedgehog appears to be trying to find food, apparently looking for some kind of insect that feeds on leaves.

The group then apparently decided to eat the hedgehound and move on.

The footage was posted by a member of the Delhi-based group, which includes five hedgehoughts and five hyderhoughtans.

The hedgehog has been spotted in India before, according to the National Wildlife Federation, which tracks such sightings.

It was first spotted in Uttar Pradesh in July and is believed to be related to the same species.

A local government official, who did not want to be named, told the BBC the hedgehoppers have been spotted before in Uttar, but this is the first time they’ve been caught in the city.

The hedgehounds had been seen roaming the streets in the capital, New Delhi, in recent months, the group said in a statement on Friday.

It said it is not yet certain if they are related to hedgehowls found in India, though it was not clear whether they are part of the same genus.