When You’re a Billionaire, You’re Like a Billion, Too

When you’re a billionaire, you’re like a billion.When you are a million, you are like a million.When we are a billion, we are like an entire planet.When we are billions, we live on an ocean of stars.When We are trillions, we make up an oceanic sky.When We are 10 trillion, we could be a star.WhenRead More

Which is the best houseplant for winter?

The perfect home plant for winter is teriyakis.The Japanese word for houseplant, which comes from the Japanese word meaning “flower”, and means “flowering” or “growing”, is teri-yaki, or “flowering houseplant”.The name is a play on the Japanese words for “flowers”.The plant’s name is derived from the word “yaki”, meaning “wood”.It has a very tall andRead More

What the experts have to say about the Steelers’ latest injury report

The Steelers are back on the field for their regular-season finale against the Bengals, and they’ll be without the services of two key players.Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who was injured last week against the Lions, has been ruled out for the Bengals game, as has running back Le’Veon Bell.Roethlisberry, the Steelers most experienced quarterback, was injuredRead More

Why is this ‘hollywood’ mansion so expensive?

It’s not just about the money.The mansion is also an important part of Fuller House’s history and culture.So it’s worth talking about its location, location, Location 101.It’s also one of a handful of houses that sit on land in Dallas that the Fuller House family purchased.But it’s not quite that simple.As well as the house,Read More

Crab house owner in court over unpaid taxes

A West Virginia man is suing a Crab House owner and her business after he says she didn’t pay his taxes and they’ve been evicted from his house.Dylan L. Jones, 39, said he and his wife, Sarah, are trying to get their house back, but they don’t know how much money they’ll get.They have livedRead More

Craftsman style houses draw buyers

Craftsmen have drawn buyers in droves in recent years.But the demand has fallen off sharply over the past two years, which could be a reflection of the housing market.A recent report from the National Association of Home Builders shows the number of homes sold last year was lower than it was in the first threeRead More

Bloxburg: The White House’s first restaurant that serves a vegan meal

Bloxburgh is a restaurant that’s opening soon in the White House.The restaurant is named after the famous Bloxberg mansion in Bloxbury, Massachusetts, where the White Senate was located until the 1789 Revolution.The menu at Bloxburys restaurants is all vegan.You’ll find veggie burgers, salads, sandwiches, sandwiches made with plant-based ingredients, and other comfort foods made fromRead More

What’s happening in the US over the weekend

The US Department of Justice has filed a civil lawsuit against Apple, alleging that the tech giant conspired to deprive the company of billions of dollars in revenue.The Justice Department accuses Apple of conspiring to avoid paying royalties and profits on more than 10 million copies of the original Apple iPad, in violation of USRead More