Which one is the most expensive cliff house in Britain?

A £9million cliff house, on the Isle of Lewis, was listed for sale in London last week for £1.8m.The property, which is one of a series of private properties in the area, has an original 18-hole golf course, four swimming pools, five tennis courts and a swimming pool.It has a number of bedrooms including aRead More

When will Minecraft 2 be out?

I asked if the game would release as a free update to subscribers on the day Minecraft 2 launches.That would mean Minecraft 2 would be available to anyone who owns the game.“If we had to say,” I said, “we would say in the coming weeks, but you can wait and see how the rollout goes.IfRead More

Juventus to sign Juventus star Kaka

It is a deal which will see Kaka, one of the most expensive players in world football, move to Turin.According to the report, Juve have completed a €35m (£28.2m) deal with Kaka’s agent Mino Raiola to bring him to Turino.The deal will see Juve receive €35 million in cash and €15m in stock for theRead More

How to watch every house race from 2020

The sport of golf, as you know, is getting bigger and bigger every year.While that growth in popularity is fantastic, there is still a lot of golf that remains the same every year as well.In 2020, golf’s total annual revenue will hit $1.5 trillion.That number will grow even more as the game grows and playersRead More

The Simpsons: Halloween: Movie reviews

Here’s what you need to know about the Halloween movie that was released in Australia.1.Why is it called “The Simpsons: The Movie”?The Simpsons is a cartoon television series that was broadcast in the United States between 1987 and 1993.The show, which ran for nine seasons, is one of the longest-running American cartoons.It also spawned severalRead More

What is Teriyaki House?

Teriyakus house is a Japanese style sushi restaurant located on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.According to their website, the Teriyakis house was originally built in 1947 by Japanese immigrant Yoshiyuki Teriyo and his wife in their home in New York City’s Chinatown.The restaurant serves traditional Japanese style meals in an upscale setting.As a result, it wasRead More

How to make a gingerbread sandwich at home in 10 steps

I can’t get enough of gingebread! It’s delicious and so versatile, and it’s one of my go-to breakfast sandwiches for many a weeknight. But I think a little experimenting can help make a new one a favorite. The trick to a good gingemon sandwich is to be prepared to cook the filling as you go. So, for example, ifRead More

Why the White House needs a new White House newsroom

The House of Pizza has a new owner.CNN’s Jake Tapper reports that a company called the “Hell House” has bought the site and will be bringing in its top news editors.CNNMoney’s Ryan Seacrest and CNN’s David Smith report on the deal.