Which house is haunted?

A house in Kolkata that was built in 1930s has been declared haunted by a man whose ghost haunts the house and houses around it.The owner told the newspaper that the ghost is the former occupant’s son.The house was built as a boarding house for his two sons, who were sent to India after theirRead More

New Delhi’s Hyderabad House Spiders Return to the City

NEW DELHI — A group of six hedgehogs were caught on camera in India on Friday night as they wandered around a central Indian city in search of food, with the insects appearing to have returned to the city after spending weeks in hibernation.A video posted on the popular social media platform Twitter showed theRead More

How to avoid getting caught in a barrel house

The word “barrel house” is a word you don’t want to see used on a website, but here we go.If you’ve ever watched a movie or watched TV show, you’ve probably seen a barrel.But what exactly is a barrel?In the movie “The Cabin in the Woods,” the character Todd, played by Tom Hanks, is trappedRead More