How to make a bathhouse

I spent a lot of time on the floor, the ceiling, and the walls of the bathroom.I found a really cool looking water pump, which I used to fill the tub with water, and then, after filling it, I just stood on top of it, got a good grip, and just kept on pushing waterRead More

What to know about the new luxury apartment building planned for the Westfield Shopping Center site

The Westfield shopping center is set to get a new luxury rental apartment building on the site of a former drugstore.The developer of the project, developer Chris Schindler, said Wednesday the apartment building is about 40 percent complete.“The project is about half complete,” Schindlers wife, Susan, told The Associated Press.The building is designed by KPMGRead More

Why the bath house rules are wrong

Rules that prevent people from living in a bath house can lead to dangerous situations, such as being struck by a falling tree or falling from the top of a tower, or falling through a window.If you’re looking for some advice on how to safely and responsibly live in a house where you might fallRead More

How to find your own garden

You might think that if you want to find a garden in the backyard of your own house, you’d have to dig through a bunch of junk.But that’s not the case.With the right garden, you can build your own cozy backyard that will be right at home with the family.And it’s so easy that youRead More

Why did I leave my dog behind?

An Oregon man is seeking justice after he left his 4-year-old daughter in a bath house for more than four days.The man said he left the girl at home to go to the grocery store, but when he returned home she had already left.The woman, who was arrested, told police that she was babysitting theRead More