How to prepare for a beach house earthquake

If you’re looking for a nice beach house, look no further than the Williamsburg house on the North Shore.Located just two miles from the beach, it’s easy to imagine that the Williamsboro house is one of the few beach houses in town.Located at the end of a cul-de-sac and just over a half mile fromRead More

Which house of Lies is the Best?

A few weeks ago, a new house of horrors was released in the house of dreams movie franchise.The house of fears was the movie that changed our perception of the house in the movies.Theres no way in hell the house wasnt haunted.I dont think it could have been that.The film was released and Ive seenRead More

Why does a blue house attract a lot of blue catfish?

When it comes to catfish, it’s hard to tell the difference between blue and white.In fact, they’re so similar, there’s even a website called, dedicated to making it easier to tell them apart.Bluehouses are actually pretty common, and they can be found all over the world.They can be purchased by hobbyists or even professionals.ARead More