Bloxburg: The White House’s first restaurant that serves a vegan meal

Bloxburgh is a restaurant that’s opening soon in the White House.The restaurant is named after the famous Bloxberg mansion in Bloxbury, Massachusetts, where the White Senate was located until the 1789 Revolution.The menu at Bloxburys restaurants is all vegan.You’ll find veggie burgers, salads, sandwiches, sandwiches made with plant-based ingredients, and other comfort foods made fromRead More

The Conjuring house is getting an upgrade

NEW YORK — The house of ho is being updated to house the conjuring family.The New York Times reports the house in Manhattan will have a private entrance, a glass window and a fireplace.It will be designed by the acclaimed designer Frank Gehry.“I love this place, it’s beautiful,” said homeowner Rachel Grosberg.“The house has soRead More