Why did you have to go to the house?

You’re probably familiar with the story of the house that was half a million years old, but did you know it was made of bricks?And, as a final bit of trivia, did you ever wonder what that brick-shaped object looked like?If you’re wondering why you would go to such lengths to find out, you’re inRead More

‘Dirty Jobs’ is a dirty job

Dirty Jobs is a dark comedy about a small-town family and their relationship with a small police force.Director Michael Showalter’s film follows the struggles of a family that falls on hard times and becomes the victim of a gang that wants nothing more than to destroy their lives.The movie is a rare example of aRead More

How to get your halfway house visa in less than a week

The number of people waiting for an asylum-seeker visa has risen to about 100,000 a month, a new report has found.The number of applicants has been increasing at a pace that has prompted officials to declare a national emergency in the area, including in Jerusalem.The government is preparing to issue new asylum-seekers visas on Thursday,Read More