UK auction house to auction off Harry Potter movie house

Auction houses will be auctioning off a large part of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, including the famous Hogwart’s house and the wizarding village of Burkes Point.The UK auction houses, including Christie’s, will be selling off more than half of the film’s entire archive, which includes scenes, books and posters, with some of theRead More

Which house of Lies is the Best?

A few weeks ago, a new house of horrors was released in the house of dreams movie franchise.The house of fears was the movie that changed our perception of the house in the movies.Theres no way in hell the house wasnt haunted.I dont think it could have been that.The film was released and Ive seenRead More

When a ghostly bride’s husband died in a house movie

A haunted house movie about a haunted bride is one of the highlights of New York’s annual New York Film Festival, which runs through July 15.But for many of the attendees, the haunting of the house where the bride and her family lived has never been an easy experience.The house in which the film takesRead More