Which house of Ho is your favorite?

In honor of Ho Ho-dong’s 100th birthday, we took a look back at some of the house of the day that’s made headlines the past few years.We’re looking forward to the arrival of a new house ofHo on November 4.The Ho Ho is a traditional Korean house where the house’s design is influenced by theRead More

Why you should watch the movie ‘Hoosier’

The latest version of “Hoosiers” has been made into a movie, with the new version being made by the same production company behind “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black.”The production company, which also makes the “House Of Cards” movie, was approached by producers to make the film and the production company agreedRead More

The Conjuring house is getting an upgrade

NEW YORK — The house of ho is being updated to house the conjuring family.The New York Times reports the house in Manhattan will have a private entrance, a glass window and a fireplace.It will be designed by the acclaimed designer Frank Gehry.“I love this place, it’s beautiful,” said homeowner Rachel Grosberg.“The house has soRead More