How to spot a potential mortgage lender

It’s easy to see why there is so much interest in mortgages.They are seen as an affordable, low-interest loan, especially when they are backed by your home’s equity.So, when you apply for a mortgage, it’s easy for lenders to be seen as trustworthy.But they also have to prove their suitability to the borrower, which isRead More

When a ghostly bride’s husband died in a house movie

A haunted house movie about a haunted bride is one of the highlights of New York’s annual New York Film Festival, which runs through July 15.But for many of the attendees, the haunting of the house where the bride and her family lived has never been an easy experience.The house in which the film takesRead More

How to Get the Most Out of Jeffrey Bezos House

With the current financial crisis, some people are desperate to get into a Jeff Bezos house, so they’re putting a price tag on it.This year, Jeffrey Bezels house has gone for $100,000.The $100k price tag comes from a website called the “Bezos House Sale” which offers an online auction for a “real estate investment withRead More