Which house of Ho is your favorite?

In honor of Ho Ho-dong’s 100th birthday, we took a look back at some of the house of the day that’s made headlines the past few years.We’re looking forward to the arrival of a new house ofHo on November 4.The Ho Ho is a traditional Korean house where the house’s design is influenced by theRead More

How ‘panda’ homes in Mumbai became ‘pandas’ in Delhi

As the residents of the village in Uttar Pradesh, where the famous Pandas lived, came to be known for their elaborate garlands and colorful costumes, they had become an unlikely tourist attraction.The Pandas had arrived in Delhi in the 1920s to be used in the film, “Pandas of Delhi,” and the village had already becomeRead More

What to know about buying a house on Netflix

You can buy a house in the U.S. through Netflix, but not if you are a US resident, according to a Netflix FAQ.The FAQ says that the company is “currently reviewing and working on a new policy that applies to all US residents, including the vast majority of foreign residents.”If you are in the US,Read More