How to Get the Most Out of Jeffrey Bezos House

With the current financial crisis, some people are desperate to get into a Jeff Bezos house, so they’re putting a price tag on it.This year, Jeffrey Bezels house has gone for $100,000.The $100k price tag comes from a website called the “Bezos House Sale” which offers an online auction for a “real estate investment withRead More

Easy Minecraft houses,cities,minigames

Minecraft is the best-selling game of all time.The game is created by Mojang, a Swedish game development studio.The world-famous game, which was launched in 2002, has been downloaded over 2 billion times.There are over 500 million registered users worldwide, and the game is the most popular game on the internet, with over 15 billion monthlyRead More

How do we know when to go to the haunted house?

In an attempt to better understand the phenomenon, I recently sat down with Mike McDonough, the head of operations at The House of Pizza in Lake Charles, Louisiana.I was hoping to get some answers on what drives the phenomenon.So, in the spirit of transparency, I’ve written a few questions below.McDonough told me the House ofRead More

Which house is haunted?

A house in Kolkata that was built in 1930s has been declared haunted by a man whose ghost haunts the house and houses around it.The owner told the newspaper that the ghost is the former occupant’s son.The house was built as a boarding house for his two sons, who were sent to India after theirRead More