The Conjuring house is getting an upgrade

NEW YORK — The house of ho is being updated to house the conjuring family.

The New York Times reports the house in Manhattan will have a private entrance, a glass window and a fireplace.

It will be designed by the acclaimed designer Frank Gehry.

“I love this place, it’s beautiful,” said homeowner Rachel Grosberg.

“The house has so many great memories.”

The house is in a quiet part of Brooklyn where most people walk their dogs, and the owners of the house have been working on the renovation for more than three years.

The house was originally built in the 1890s, but was purchased by an eccentric Brooklyn-based real estate developer, John W. Sacks, in the 1960s.

The property was listed for sale last year, but it never made it to the auction.

Grosburg said the house was in great shape before her house was moved to its current location.

She said the first few weeks were rough, and she had to spend time away from the house, but her friends and family loved it and wanted to make it their home.

“It was just a beautiful place,” she said.

“They said it was the perfect house.”

The renovation is expected to be completed in December.

It’s the first house to receive a full restoration.

It was built in 1888, when the family lived in Brooklyn.