The first house that survived from the Great Flood of Noah is up for auction—and for you to buy!

On Monday, the National Geographic Society’s House at the Gates auction house and Museum of the Bible will sell off one of the most important houses in the Bible.

The House at The Gates was built in the second century BC, and is one of three original houses built in Noah’s Flood.

The other two are the Great Salt Lake House and the Temple of Solomon.

The house was built on the site of a large building that was used by the temple.

The new house is located in an area known as “the Flood-hit site,” where Noah’s floodwaters left the land, and where the Temple and the church were built.

This site is now a private property, but the House at Noah is being offered for sale as part of the National Museum of America’s ongoing “Flood Legacy” project, which has the goal of raising funds to help rebuild the site and provide a permanent home for the remains of the ancient Temple of the Lord in New York City.

In addition to the House, the auction house is selling off the remains and treasures of the three buildings built in that flood as well as the ancient temple.

The entire site, including the Temple, is also up for sale.

According to the National Park Service, the building that houses the Temple in New City was built from 1804 to 1823.

It is believed that the Temple was built atop a raised platform on top of a raised mound of sandstone.

The site was later used for the construction of the temple’s outer walls and exterior.

The two other buildings, the Great House and Temple of God, are believed to be of the same date.

The Great House was constructed in the first half of the second millennium BC, while the Temple is believed to have been built around AD 500.

The entire site of the Temple also has an incredible history.

The first mention of the site comes from a book called “The History of Ancient Israel,” written in the early 13th century BC.

The book contains descriptions of the structure, the surrounding landscape, and the people who lived and worked there.

The author is known as Ezra the Great.

The Temple, which housed the Temple’s inner sanctum, was built by the Israelites in the seventh century BC after the destruction of the Ark of the Covenant, according to a statement from the National Archives.

The site is known to archaeologists as the “Temple of God” because of its resemblance to the Biblical temple.