‘The Haunting of House of Ho’ trailer: The most shocking horror moments and some fun facts

It’s been a few years since we last saw The Haunting.

In that time, The House of Ghost has become a huge hit, but we were a little unsure about what to make of it.

That all changed last week, when the film was released in the UK, in a stunning new trailer that has already gone viral.

The trailer, which was created by the team at The House, shows a lot of interesting things, like a ghostly man who appears to have lost his legs, and a woman in a dark house with a huge painting of a man in a dress.

It also shows a few new things, including a house where the man who was found dead in the house in 2001 was found and a ghost, which is obviously not the only one in the trailer.

We’ve got some interesting theories on the ghost that’s roaming the house, including one we thought was a little bit weird: that it’s actually a young man, because the trailer shows him with his hands over his eyes.

We’re sure this is all just speculation, but you have to hand it to the house: this is a pretty intense trailer.

Watch the trailer and let us know what you think in the comments.