The white house is a ‘socially awkward, expensive, socially embarrassing’ house

A house that has an enormous swimming pool, two bathrooms, an outdoor terrace and a huge outdoor pool in the backyard has become a hot property in Dublin.

A property developer has reportedly purchased the house for a whopping €3 million ($3.6 million) and is renovating it into a “sociically awkward, expense-rich, socially awkward” house.

The property, known as the “White House”, is the subject of an article by The Irish News.

The property’s original owner was an Italian woman, but the building is now owned by a family who have relocated to the United States.

The house is located in the town of Kildare in County Mayo.

Owner-developer Patrick Mccarty said that he and his family had lived in the house since he started building homes in 2007.

He said the property had already been sold twice before, in 2012 for €3.2 million and 2013 for €2.2 billion.

“We had already sold the previous home, and this one is quite different because we were a bit older, but we wanted to make it a more luxurious home,” Mr Mccarthy said.

“And the house is really luxurious.”

Mr Mccarthys wife, Catherine, said that the family had been looking for a new house for some time.

“It’s such a beautiful house and we’re so excited, but it’s a very expensive house,” she said.

“We have no idea what it is going to be used for, but I think it’s going to go in to this house and be used as a social awkward, money-losing, socially humiliating house.”

The house, which is owned by the Mccartys, was built in the 17th century and has been in use by several families for generations.

The building was purchased by the family who now reside in a new home in Washington DC, and was sold in 2015 for $2.3 million.

In a statement, the owner of the building said that while they did not want to sell the house, it was a good investment for the family.

“I think this is an interesting time in our family life, as we are looking to create a new family, and we are keen to be able to move forward,” the statement read.

“With this new house, we hope to continue to enjoy the home, but also to have some fun while we are doing so.”

The building is also home to an outdoor pool and has a swimming pool on the ground floor.

Mr Mecarthys son, Joe, said he was looking forward to spending some time in the pool with his family.

Joe Mccartney said that a lot of the new neighbours would be interested in living in the new house and that the property would be great for friends to hang out.

“This will be our ‘living room’ and we’ll all be friends here, so that’s a great place to be,” he said.

“It will be very cool.”