What You Need to Know About the Housing Market in Japan

It’s not every day you get a call from a company that is actually going to sell you a house.

But it seems that’s exactly what Japanese giant SoftBank Group Corp is doing, announcing today that it’s building a $1.3 billion house in Japan’s capital for a family that is expecting to retire.

The SoftBank-backed project, known as the Kiyohara Tower, is set to be built on a 7.1-acre site, at the northern edge of the Japanese city of Yokohama.

That’s just north of the town of Shibuya, which is just three minutes from Tokyo’s central business district, where the company will also be building its new headquarters.

SoftBank and Kiyuhara Tower have been in the works for a few years, with a $2.4 billion deal in place, and an even larger $4.9 billion deal announced in July.

It will be the biggest development project for the Japanese company in the country, and is expected to provide a large new source of jobs.

The company says it expects the construction of the Kijiyoharara Tower to be completed in 2024, and that construction will be completed by 2020.

It also says it’s in the process of finalizing the project’s environmental impact report.

The Kiyahara Tower has been built on the former site of a former auto factory, and it was built to house a company called SoftBank Robotics.

It is the first such development to be approved by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Tourism, which oversees construction and management of Japanese infrastructure projects.

The new SoftBank headquarters will be located just steps from a large shopping mall in the city of Shizuoka, where SoftBank already operates a branch, and will be home to an estimated 100,000 people, with most of them employees of its electronics division.