When a ghostly bride’s husband died in a house movie

A haunted house movie about a haunted bride is one of the highlights of New York’s annual New York Film Festival, which runs through July 15.

But for many of the attendees, the haunting of the house where the bride and her family lived has never been an easy experience.

The house in which the film takes place is called The Kliff Kingsbury House, a haunting that is said to have haunted the couple for decades.

It was once owned by Kliff, a prominent Manhattan real estate investor who died in 2006, leaving behind a huge estate in the borough.

The couple had bought it from a developer in 2006 and built it into the iconic home that now sits on the top of an iconic landmark in Manhattan.

The couple also owned a luxury hotel called The Crown Palace, which they named after their son, Jeffrey, a billionaire.

In the movie, the house is haunted by a young man who is supposed to be Jeffrey’s stepfather, and the bride’s mother, who lives there.

The ghostly couple’s former owner, who is not identified in the film, is an eccentric, eccentric man named Kliff King, and he lives in the house on the corner of 11th and Seventh Streets.

He claims he was one of Jeffrey’s relatives, but no one knows for sure.

The man who lives at the house and has lived there for more than 30 years has never left, and there is no indication he has ever visited the house or met the couple, said one woman who witnessed the film.

One night, on the night of Feb. 9, 1994, the bride called to say she was going to leave, but then she didn’t answer the door.

She walked down the hall to the bedroom, where the husband was sleeping, and she heard him breathing heavily.

He said he had been sleeping on the floor with a cold, clammy hand, and it was painful.

She went downstairs, where she found Jeffrey’s body, lying on the bed with a bandage on his face.

She didn’t call 911.

The next morning, Kliff told the New York Post he was shocked and shocked to learn he was dead.

“I was shocked.

I had never thought of that happening,” he said.

The film, which stars Michael Douglas, also features footage of the couple and their son Jeffrey.

“The whole movie is a nightmare,” said Kathy Schuster, who watched the film with her husband, Tom, and his wife, Lisa, as they drove back to Manhattan from Chicago.

“It’s so creepy.

I’ve been in homes before, and I haven’t felt that.

There is a sense of dread, and then there is fear.

There’s a sense that maybe this is the next thing to come.”

Schuster said that after she heard the movie was coming out, she decided to do something about it.

She contacted the film’s producer, Andrew Wiebe, who had a small crew in the apartment that night.

The production team of The Kliffs’ movie, called The Family, was led by the husband and stepfather of the bride, Jeffrey.

They also produced the film that featured the film crew.

The director, Michael McKean, is the son of Jeffrey King.

The family has hired the independent film-maker, Mark Zaid, to do postproduction.

The family is also selling the house in the movie.

McKean said the family will not be releasing the film for the next year.

“It’s been an interesting journey, and we’ll see how it goes.

The next time we release a movie, we will not do it,” he told The Associated Press.

McKaye said he is a filmmaker first, and is not afraid to explore subjects other than ghost stories.

“We want to see what it is that makes people tick,” he added.

“As a filmmaker, you can’t go into a haunted house and pretend it’s not haunted,” he explained.

“You have to find the truth.

And you have to ask yourself, how can you tell a story about a place that is haunted?”

The Kliffs’ house is a major landmark in New York City.

It is one block from the Grand Central Terminal, and close to the Brooklyn Bridge.

It’s also one of two historic houses that still stand in the heart of the borough, the other being a house in Brooklyn that was sold in 2005.

The film’s release comes amid a rash of haunting stories.

The Los Angeles Times reported that an adult man and his young daughter were found dead in a home in Santa Monica, California, in the summer of 2018.

A house in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood was torched in July 2018, and a man who lived there was found dead there.

In February 2018, the family of a young girl from New York named Amanda LeBlanc was killed in a fire