Which house spider species are best to avoid in Toronto?

For the first time in its 50-year history, Toronto’s city council has approved a motion that bans indoor house spiders.

The city is banning house spiders in most of the city, except for one small community in Scarborough.

There are about 400 indoor house spider populations in the city.

The motion passed unanimously Tuesday night.

It also bans anyone from bringing in spiders indoors or in a house.

The city said indoor house spiders cause damage and can transmit rabies and dengue, and should be removed.

It said there are no recorded cases of the spiders transmitting rabies or dengues.

The motion said house spiders are considered an invasive species, meaning they have no natural predators in the Toronto area.

It says anyone who has any indoor house or indoor pet is responsible for all their property.

The council also approved a ban on the sale of any type of food or drinks from within the city limits, except from licensed vendors, unless the food or drink is specifically labelled as food or beverage.

The councillors’ vote follows a similar ban in other Canadian cities.

The Toronto Animal Health and SPCA said it was happy with the council’s decision.

It said it has been following the city’s policy of not allowing indoor housespiders since 2009, when the first recorded case of the house spider was reported in Toronto.