Which is the world’s most haunted house?

A mountain house in Australia is being investigated for a number of unusual features, including the fact that the residents can’t leave their beds or leave the house without someone watching.

The home is owned by a group of friends, and one of the owners claims to have found the property’s ghost in the form of a young girl who had recently been separated from her mother.

The ghost, known as “The Ghost of The Mountain House,” has been seen walking through the property several times over the years, with the last time being in January.

A number of residents have reported seeing the ghost in person, and it’s believed that it was once living in the property before it was sold.

A report on the website of The ABC newspaper, the Australian National University (ANU), states that the ghost has been reported to have visited the property on numerous occasions.

According to the ANU, the “ghost” has been spotted “a number of times” since 2015, with “a person in the house watching from the back of the property and watching over her” as she sleeps.

“If it’s a person, they can’t go out without somebody watching them.

And the only time they’re allowed to go out is when their mum comes to look after them.”

“They’re not allowed to be alone,” the report continues.

“It’s not like a ghost’s been watching them and they’ve been watching over them.”

The house has been in the same family since 1876, when the property was built, and is owned and managed by the group of three friends.

The Australian National Student Union (ANSU) has been contacted by the ANUs’ local branch to confirm the reports, and a spokesperson said they were “aware of the story” and “continue to monitor it closely.”

The spokesperson also said they are “not aware of any recent sightings.”

“However, as a result of this investigation, we are reviewing our existing procedures and procedures to make sure that we can ensure that this is not an issue for future visits,” the spokesperson added.