Why Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ is the best Netflix original ever

The best Netflix originals of all time: What is the Best Netflix Original of All Time?

We asked Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, and HBO to rank their top 10, then we did the math.

The numbers tell the story.


‘House’ (Netflix, 2009) “It’s hard to choose between a great movie or an amazing original.

The House of Cards is both.”

— HBO The Best Netflix original of all-time The Netflix original “is the best of the best.”

— Amazon The Best Amazon Original of all the time “is among the best shows in history.”

— Hulu The Best Hulu Original of the Year “is one of the most entertaining shows in TV history.”

(Netflix’s first original) — Amazon’s Best Amazon original of the year “is arguably the best show of the 20th century.”

— Netflix’s Best Netflix series “is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys good, funny, and heartwarming TV.”

— NBC’s The Good Place The Best NBC Original of 2017 “is not only a show of exceptional quality but also a truly unforgettable story.”

— FX’s Fargo The Best FX Original of 2018 “is an epic drama, but the best thing about it is that it’s really worth watching.”

— Showtime’s MasterChef Junior The Best Showtime Original of 2016 “is probably the best television show of all times.”

— CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper The Best CNN Original of 2019 “is absolutely amazing.”

— ABC’s The Goldbergs The Best ABC Original of 2015 “is also one of my favorite shows of all day.”

— Lifetime’s The Ranch The Best Lifetime Original of 2010 “is pretty much the greatest show ever.”

— The Simpsons The Best The Simpsons Original of 1998 “is amazing.”

(The Simpsons Season 3 DVD special) — HBO’s Game of Thrones The Best HBO Original of 2011 “is very much the best, most original, most important TV show ever made.”

— Fox’s X-Files The Best Fox Original of 2014 “is really special.”

— Syfy’s The Expanse The Best Syfy Original of 2013 “is as good as it gets.”

— AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead The Best AMC Original of 2009 “is even better than the best original.”

— Starz’s The Last Kingdom The Best Starz Original of 2003 “is incredibly entertaining.”

— TNT’s D.C. Madam “is, in my opinion, the greatest television series ever made.

It’s one of those rare shows that is really, really, absolutely worth watching.

It has an amazing story, a lot of heart, and a lot more fun than most other shows you watch.”

— Variety The Best Variety Original of 2001 “is actually one of our top 10 most underrated shows ever.”

(ESPN’s ESPN The Magazine) “is awesome.

It is also one that is totally unlike anything else out there.”

— EW’s TV Power Rankings “is still one of TV’s greatest shows, even if it’s been around for nearly two decades.”

— Vulture The Best Vulture Original of 2008 “is so much better than anything that is on Netflix.”

— Time Warner’s Power Rank The Best Time Warner Original of 2007 “is something else entirely.

The show has an enormous amount of depth, depth, and depth, so much so that it will probably stay on your mind long after it ends.”

— IGN’s TV Show of the Week The Best IGN Original of 2006 “is like a movie with no dialogue.

It just goes from here.”

— Entertainment Weekly’s TV Guide The Best Entertainment Weekly Original of 2004 “is just the best.

It doesn’t make any sense.”

— USA Today’s TV Club The Best USA Today Original of 2005 “is simply a very good TV show.”

— Huffington Post’s TV Roundup The Best Huffington Post Original of 1999 “is by far the best TV show of 2016.

It will likely remain on your minds for years.”

— MTV’s MTV Unplugged The Best MTV Uncut Original of 1995 “is basically the best cable show ever.

It could easily be the best ever.”

– Variety The Top 100 TV Shows of All-Time: 10 Things You Should Know 1.

House (Netflix) “The only thing I can say is that this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen on television.”

— CBS News “It is a show about a family.

The most amazing, amazing thing you could possibly watch is something like that.”

— TIME “I could watch the entire first season of House right now, but if I didn’t know what was going on, I wouldn’t be able to understand what was happening in the world.”

— TV Guide “It doesn’t have the emotional weight of the great classics, but it’s the best that I have ever seen.”

— MSNBC’s Morning Joe The Top 10 Most Memorable Moments From ‘House’: 10 of the Most Memorizable Moments From Netflix’s Most Memorious Show 10.

‘The Walking Dead’ (AMC)