Why the bath house rules are wrong

Rules that prevent people from living in a bath house can lead to dangerous situations, such as being struck by a falling tree or falling from the top of a tower, or falling through a window.

If you’re looking for some advice on how to safely and responsibly live in a house where you might fall or die, this guide might help you understand how the rules of the world really work.


The rules of bath house etiquette and safety 1.1 What is a bathhouse?

The term bath house is used to refer to any house that is constructed for human use.

It can be anything from a single-room home to a multi-story residential building.

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What are the rules about living in bath houses?

The rules apply whether you’re a house guest or not, whether you live in one or many houses, or whether you are an individual or a group of people living together in a home.

Rules about living with a bath-house resident: It is strictly forbidden to live in the same house as a bath and bath house residents are subject to the same rules as anyone else.

1 You cannot sleep in the bath, use a bath, or enter the bathhouse.

2 You cannot use a wash basin or bath tub, and you must use a single, permanent toilet in your bath.

3 You cannot walk through a bathroom window or enter a bathtub that you do not have a clear path of entry through.

4 You must not disturb or disturb other people living in the house.

5 You must wash and change clothes at least once a week in your room.

6 You must use an approved cleaning product, such a scrub brush, to wash yourself.

7 You cannot share a bath with a non-bath house resident, or you cannot enter a room with them if you are not a resident.

8 You must keep your home clean.

9 You cannot drink water in the bathroom, or use water in a dishwasher.

10 You cannot leave your room with anyone other than a bathouse resident or a nonresident.

11 You cannot open or leave your door while anyone is bathing.

12 You must close the door behind you when leaving the bath.

13 You must stay at least 50 metres away from any person bathing, unless they have a designated space.

14 You must maintain the cleanliness of your home.

15 You must clean your bathhouse each day and do not wash or change your bathclothes after you wash.

16 You must have a single toilet in the main room and one in each bathroom, which must be emptied after every bath.

17 You must wear the same clothes in all rooms, including your own bath.

18 You must make sure all of your furniture, including the bath itself, is clean.

19 You must remove any furniture that is not in use by someone else in your house.

20 You must leave any items that may be used for cleaning or bathing out of your bathtub, shower, or bathtub.

21 You must always wash your hands after using the wash basin, and before using a dishwashing machine.

22 You must never wash your bathroom carpet.

23 You must disinfect your shower and tub.

24 You must only use the bathroom sink for bathing.

25 You must ensure that all furniture is stored at the same level, and at the proper height, in your home or in a safe location.

26 You must store all of the following items in your kitchen: dishes, utensils, toiletries, and a washing machine.

27 You must provide adequate ventilation.

28 You must avoid excessive heat or cold.

29 You must protect your bathroom from the elements.

30 You must dispose of household waste responsibly.

31 You must install the appropriate water heater and a water filter in your main room.

32 You must notify all occupants of your house before a bath begins.

33 You must check the temperature in the bedroom before a shower begins.

34 You must allow for a minimum of four hours between showers, and no more than five minutes between baths.

35 You must monitor the temperature of the water in your tub.

36 You must place a curtain or curtain bar at the back of your bedroom.

37 You must secure the bath door to a window so it cannot be opened.

38 You must add a curtain at the front of your bathroom.

39 You must give the bath a minimum amount of water every time you wash your body.

40 You must apply the same soap to your body and hair.

41 You must regularly wash your teeth.

42 You must take a shower in the morning.

43 You must prepare a soap-and-water kit in advance.

44 You must dry your hair.

45 You must put a mirror behind your head, and use it for bathing at least three times a week.

46 You must follow all directions that come with the bathroom or shower.

47 You must rinse your face thoroughly after bathing.

48 You must prevent your hair from becoming greasy.

49 You must thoroughly clean your clothes before